What’s important to me

Friends: I haven’t blogged for months and missed it! Since November 2015 a lot of things have shifted for me…it is a time of re-evaluating whats important to me and how I want to spend the precious time I have on this earth. Someone once said, “Ask yourself what makes you come alive. Then go do that! The world needs more people who have come alive”. These are the things I am choosing to focus on. What about you?

  • Motherhood (I am especially blessed to have both a daughter and a son)
  • Community and Family
  • Health and well-being for myself and others


Why Beauty?

People ask me how I got into the beauty business. The truth is, I didn’t set out to get into the beauty business–I just had extremely sensitive skin and was fascinated with health and how I could heal my own skin. My experiments in the kitchen with ingredients and formulation evolved into creating the first certified organic skincare brand in the prestige market, Juice Beauty. Back then, I saw an opportunity to do it better, and today I see an even bigger opportunity.

After I had children, I remained interested in beauty because of the way it connects women to each other. Our face is the first image we offer to the world, and represents far more than just our genetic blueprint. It is a map of our inner world and how we take care of ourselves and, more intimately, how we feel about ourselves. I love talking with women about their skin, their health, their lives and how together we can help each other find beauty, as we each define it.

My hope is that we discover what makes each of us feel beautiful, and along the way stay conscious of how choosing certain skincare products over others actually does make a difference.